Choose a skill to upgrade:

Application Software

We offer a wide assortment of courses on using Microsoft Windows and Office software. Get Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certified today!

Cyber Security

Help protect the digital world from hackers by learning cyber security techniques. Or become a good hacker...

Business Communications

Employers increasingly cite communication skills among the most important qualities for job candidates. Learn to be a savvy business communicator.

Coding & the Science of Computing

Computers are everywhere now. Learn to design the code that makes them work and the science behind them. Prepare to transfer to a higher degree. C++, java, android development, and more.

Database Management

We interact with databases on daily basis. Learn how to use Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Create your own databases, forms and reports using SQL.

Digital Literacy Skills

Need to brush up on your digital literacy skills? Consider taking one of our courses to get you up to speed.


Help ensure professional success by learning how to typing fluently and accurately for email, discussion groups, instant messaging, and document production.

Networking, Operating Systems, and Hardware

Nothing is more critical to successful business operations than effective networks. Learn skills to protect business networks and hardware.

Web & Mobile Development

Learn modern web development skills using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP!

Educational Technology Skills

Learn the necessary digital literacy skills to effectively complete academic work in today's classroom. 


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