Certificate Overview

The Web Developer certificate will prepare students for an entry level job as a Web Developer also known as a Front-End Web Developer. Students will learn modern web development skills including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design for a variety of screen sizes. Students earning this certificate will have a web portfolio showcasing their competency in all of the required skills to present to potential employers.

Complete the following REQUIRED courses:

Course Course Name Units

Beginning Website Development

Recommended Preparation:  COSA 50

Formerly CBIS 207AD and CBIS 211AD and COSW 10AD. This course introduces the fundamental skills needed to design, develop and publish websites using industry standard software. Students will create websites using HTML and CSS and incorporate web design principles such as site planning, usability, and accessibility standards. Topics covered include formatting text, creating hyperlinks, building navigation menus, inserting images and other media, creating tables and forms, using CSS for layout and design, creating responsive websites and working with content management systems. Students should have completed a basic computer concepts course such as COSA 1 as preparation for this course.


Front End Website Development

Recommended Preparation: COSW 10

Formerly CBIS 207E. This course develops knowledge in modern front-end web development skills including intermediate level HTML/CSS, mobile websites, responsive web development, CSS frameworks, jQuery, accessibility, usability and emerging web development trends/tools.  Students are encouraged to have a basic knowledge of web development from COSW 10 or equivalent in preparation for this course.

COSW 200

Introduction to JavaScript

Recommended Preparation: COSA 50

This course provides an overview of client-side programming using JavaScript, variables, arrays, functions, event handlers, objects, form validation, cookies, and the DOM. Introduces Web 2.0 technologies, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and JSON), and it is an introduction to using popular libraries including jQuery.

COSP 201

Mobile App Development

Recommended Preparation: COSA 1

This course is an introduction to building apps for Android devices, including Android phones and tablets, using MIT App Inventor or other App development tools. This course does not require previous programming skills. The student will learn how to design and develop an app and will use visual program blocks to specify the app's behavior. Students will do several assignments intended to teach app development followed by a final project. 

COSW 230

Ruby on Rails Web Development

Prerequisites: COSW 20, COSP 38, and CS 11 or 21A or COSP 8 or 10

Formerly CBIS 430. This course is an introduction to using Ruby on Rails (or RoR) a dynamic web development framework. Students will be taught programming in Ruby language and MySQL management. Installation, development, testing, and the structure of the Ruby on Rails framework will be covered. This course is intended for web developers and others interested in getting a quick start in this technology. Students should have completed any Previous Programming Course (C++, VB, Java, C#), COSP 38 and COSW 20 courses or equivalent as preparation for this course.

COSW 240

Intro to Content Management Systems

Recommended Preparation: COSW 10

Students will create and manage websites using popular web-based content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla. This course introduces fundamental concepts of CMS administration including installation, setup, management of user accounts, and security. Students will plan site design, organize navigation, integrate with social media, and publish diverse web content.


Web Development with PHP/MySQL

Recommended Preparation: COSW 10 and COSP 38

This course covers PHP & MySQL, one of the most popular technology combinations for developing interactive Web sites. It is designed to provide students with a real-world experience in developing database driven website programming concepts for personal and small business needs  Students write PHP code to interact with data stored in a database including record creation, update, deletion, and retrieval. Emphasis will be placed on creating web forms, searching databases, and session management. It is recommended that students enter this course with beginning knowledge of Web development concepts including HTML and CSS.

Total units needed to complete - 16