Certificate Overview

In this certificate, students will learn programming skills in Java or C++, Android App Development, and Database hands-on concepts. Students will be able to develop professional mobile applications for android smartphones and tablets upon completion. This certificate is compose of three courses, which provides foundations in CS 21A - Java or CS11 - C++. These required courses will prepare students to develop intermediate programming skills. In this series, the second course, COSP 38 – Database Concepts, will allow the students to harness their database concepts and knowledge. The third course, COSP 230 - Android App Development with Java, will teach students advanced objected-oriented techniques used in Android development environment. Students will study different types of applications across variety of smartphone tools and capabilities.

Complete the following REQUIRED courses:

Course Course Name Units
COSP 230

Android App Development in Java

Prerequisite: CS 21 or CS 11

This is a course that will teach the professional level of skills and practices needed to develop and publish a variety of types of applications or Apps on Android phones and tablets. Students should be able to design, develop, and test their own professional quality Apps by the end of the course. Students are expected to know programming prior to the course.


Database Concepts

Recommended Preparation:  COSA 50

Formerly CBIS 38. This course covers concepts and technologies of database systems. Topics include data modeling, design, and the implementation of relational databases; Structured Query Language-SQL; concurrency control; distributed database systems; data warehousing; Web-enabled database technologies; and the functions of database administration. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be given a voucher to sit for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) industry certification exam.

CS 11

Introduction to Computer Science - C++

Prerequisite:  MATH 110  or Math 110B or first year high school algebra with a grade of C or better
Recommended Preparation: COSP 7 and COSA 50

This is an introductory course in the C++ programming language, a problem-solving technique used in modern software technology. The features of C++ that support the development of small and large systems are covered, thus providing a method for prototyping the commercial software development in business and industry.

CS 21

Introduction to Computer Science - Java

Recommended Preparation: COSP 7

This course introduces Computer Science and the Java programming language. It will cover the basics of programming and software design using a procedure-oriented approach.

Total units needed to complete - 11