Certificate Overview

Emphasis is placed on basic computer and internet skills.

Complete the following REQUIRED courses:

Course Course Name Units

Digital and Social Media

In this course, students will explore the design and impact of digital and social media technologies for both personal and professional application in a wide variety of organizational situations.  Additionally, students will learn to understand digital and social media etiquette and ethics.  Both the potential and the limitations of this technology will be explored and students will have access to hands-on experience with several forms of social media technology. Those who complete this course will be prepared to use digital and social media productively and will have a framework for understanding and evaluating new technology tools and platforms as they are developed.  This course is not open for credit to students who have completed GBUS 25.


Introduction to Computers

Recommended Preparation: COSA 1

Formerly CAOTC 34. This is a computer literacy course designed to familiarize the learner with a variety of computer tools and computer concepts with emphasis on utilizing Office Suite programs. This course provides an introduction to the use of computers, common software programs, peripherals, and social media. Students are instructed in the use of a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tools, and internet applications. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be given a voucher to sit for the Internet and Computing Core (IC3) industry certification exam. This course satisfies the technology component of the Information Competency graduation requirement.


Microsoft Office

Recommended Preparation: COSA 1

Formerly CAOTC 35. This course studies the concepts and features of Microsoft Office software in today's business office with hands-on application projects. Topics covered include computer concepts, operating system, file management browser fundamentals, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access and MS PowerPoint. This course satisfies the technology component of the Information Competency requirement for Plan A.

Total units needed to complete - 9