Program Overview

Computers are everywhere now. Learn to design the code that makes them work and the science behind them. Prepare to transfer to a higher degree. C++, java, android development, and more. This Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement is a two-year program leading to the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. This degree will help students succeed after transferring to a CSU or UC School Computer Science major program. Students wishing a bachelor’s degree (transfer program) should meet with a counselor to discuss transferability of courses.

Certificates and Degrees offered


Our mission is to provide the student in the Computer Science Degree or Certificate Program with the foundation to succeed in the next step in their education path with the recommend Association of Computer Machines (ACM) foundation knowledge in computer science principles of program design and analysis, mathematical maturity, and a good physics foundation.


  • 1

    Demonstrate a knowledge of common algorithms, their performance, and what applications to use them for.

  • 2

    Create computer programs with object oriented design principles, and demonstrate a solid understanding of the practice of programming.

  • 3

    Articulate the basic structures of a processor and their relation to each other and performance, and demonstrate an understanding of assembly language.