Program Overview

This Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement is a two-year program leading to the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. The Database Management Systems concentration includes coursework in the design, development and maintenance of relational databases. The program is designed to prepare students for employment in a computer field following graduation. Students wishing a Bachelors’ degree (transfer program) should meet with a counselor or advisor to discuss transferability of courses.

Certificates and Degrees offered


Provide students with a strong foundation in the design and management of database systems in a business environment. In-depth practice of Structured Query Language (SQL) is provided in the context of business-related case studies. The Database Management program covers advanced database concepts, including database administration, database technology, database web programming and selection and acquisition of database management systems. Supporting courses allow students to gain a thorough understanding of necessary business communication skills, operating systems, programming logic and system design.


  • 1

    Analyze the data needs of an organization or company, and determine how to best organize and store the data in logical, secure and accessible structures.

  • 2

    Design web applications to access and manipulate data using MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server and PHP.

  • 3

    Understand the roles and responsibilities of a database administrator, and how to diagnose and troubleshoot systems.